To avoid having to give part of your support directly to the tax office, we have taken professional advice: We are exempt from gift tax for an amount of 20,000€ per donor within 10 years. Beyond that, 30% gift tax is due.

  • You can simply gift us money unconditionally, that is without a fixed purpose
  • or donate earmarked exclusively for the purpose of the (partial) acquisition of our site.

Either way, we have to report the donation to the tax office. This requires some data from you – see below



Donations, for which the purpose is exclusively limited to the purchase of the grounds, are made subject to the condition precedent of the acquisition of ownership* of the association’s premises at Kleiner Wukensee. Only with the occurrence of this condition will the donation become legally effective. Until then you have pledged the amount to us bindingly and handed it over as a preliminary measure. The money, however, remains yours legally and we hold it in trust for you. Should the purchase definitely or until 31.7.2020 not materialize, we will refund you. A financial transfer has then not taken place in terms of tax law.


* We will become the owner with the winning bid in the judicial auction procedure, unless the decision is rescinded in a legally binding manner by means of a complaint. If the land is directly purchased, however, we only become the owner upon entry in the cadastral register (conveyance). The registration of a priority notice of conveyance secures the subsequent registration as owner.


If you want to establish this earmarking, please tick the appropriate box below.


We will use unconditional donations for the purchase of the site as well. In addition to the actual price, we will also be able to cover costs that will be incurred even in the event of failure. For example, we already engage lawyers and tax consultants, notary fees are incurred for amendments to our statutes, etc.


For your donations – unconditional or earmarked – we have set up a separate trust sub-account. Please
transfer directly to this account and state in the purpose of transfer

• »Subject to the agreed upon occurrence of a condition « or
• »Unconditional donation «

as well as your phone number or e-mail address (a la »example at«), so that we can then request the
required data from you.

Kleiner Wukensee e.V. – IBAN DE74 4306 0967 1117 5295 02
(GLS Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum – BIC: GENODEM1GLS)

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