To our most dear Thalers,

We hope that you, like us, want this sacred space to continue to host beautiful events and celebrations and not see it succumb to a real estate takeover. We offer you the opportunity to support us monthly with however much you can โ€“ every little bit counts!

Every Euro generates a multiple of credit which we will need at auction when weโ€™re up against the real estate sharks. We are firm believes that if we work together, the swarm will be stronger than the shark.

Please therefore consider:
If you decide for a sponsorship contribution, this should be as reliable and long-term as possible.

What do you get out of it?
You will be contributing to the preservation of a space for spiritual and social development.
A place for meetings, discussions, impulses, discourses, creativity, music, tolerance and awareness.

We have been doing this here for 16 years and seek to continue our social solidarity into the future and not be dependent on financial factors. We are also open to the involvement of those without the financial means to support but still want an opportunity to help continue enriching the space.

Time is running out…otherwise ouch, futsch & over!
So let’s do this!

Without you we are something. With you we are everything.


Love and light,
Your Wokulis

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