In order to make the purchase of our association premises possible and thus to ensure our remaining, we will love to welcome supporting members. The most important building block for taking out loans is a predictable regular income. Therefore those memberships will help us a lot with increasing our bidding limit without too big of a burden for individuals.

Supporting members have no right to vote and no right to propose, but are invited and heard at every general meeting. In order to be able to accept sustaining members, we will change our statutes. Only when this change has been decided, notarially recorded and entered in the register of associations, we can finally accept supporting members.

It is important for our funding plan to be able to credibly demonstrate how much continued support we can expect. Therefore we kindly ask you to apply for a sponsoring membership already at this stage.

Once our new statutes have been entered in the register of associations, the statutory objection period of four weeks will begin, at the end of which you then will enter the sponsoring membership.

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